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Collaboration is the most fundamental aspect of any project.

Studio ELAR leads our clients through a transparent and rigorous process in order to ensure the experience and end result is specific to the client’s needs.

We design with passion and believe in what we do.


Studio ELAR is an Interior Architectural consultancy. 


We are interior designers who make inventive use of space and materials. Our range of services span residential, retail, hospitality, and corporate spaces. At Studio ELAR, you can trust our expertise to provide intelligent design that is feasible, and tailored to suit any purpose.

Our journey with you involves exploring your unique taste and personality, creating interiors that are both aesthetically pleasing and a true reflection of your vision. We will lead you through a robust, transparent, and meticulous process, ultimately creating a carefully considered, functional and beautiful space that fits your needs.

Our Design Methodology

At Studio ELAR, we want to be inspired by your vision and collaborate with you to make that a reality. We believe that magic truly happens when we bring our ideas and intentions together!



Understanding your vision is the first and most important step to a seamless collaboration between us.


Details/Contract documentation

The nitty-gritty. Leave this part to us! Translating the design into construction language so that it can be built.



We then conceptualise the ideas into a design that works best for the space.


Design Management

During the construction phase, we will be there to guide and ensure communication is clear for the design intent to be carried out.


Design Development

The fun part! Creating 3D renders to help you visualise the design, space and materials.



The best part. Fulfilling the dream for your space materialise into reality.

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